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Export options

The loaded 3ds Max 2 MaxWhere Exporter plugin adds the new export type MxW scene (*.JSX) to the File->Export->Export... menu. After choosing the file name (which will become the name of the folder containing the MaxWhere 3D environment) the following export options dialog will appear:

Example export

Although in most cases, the default settings will do fine, there are some cases when custom settings are needed. The options for that are:

  • Selective Export control
    • Selection only: This speaks for itself. Only the selected objects will be exported.
    • Export hidden: If this option is checked, hidden options will be exported as well. Child objects of a hidden object are seen as hidden by the exporter.
  • Environment and reflection
  • **Features:
    • Materials: If unchecked, the exported objects will still carry a reference to their materials, but the materials themself will not be exported, so the exported MaxWhere 3d environment will not be loaded into MaxWhere without further work.
    • Lights: If checked, lights objects will be exported.
      • Helper lights: If checked, for every directional light an opposite light will be created with the strength of the set percent of the original light.
    • Webtables: If unchecked the webtables will not be exported.
    • Camera: If unchecked, the cameras will not be exported.
    • Generate physical meshes:
      • Fallback quality settings (0-5): Used if Auto-params is unchecked or exporter could not reach the desired Polycount goal. Can be 0 to 5, where 0 is the best (unsimplified) quality.
      • Auto-params: If checked, the exporter will attempt to convert the mesh to a simplified version with the polygon count set by the Polygount goal option. For a detailed explanation see Exporting physical meshes
        • Polycount goal: The desired polygon count for the physical object.
    • Clean export folder: If unchecked, temporary files will not be deleted at the end of the export process. This also can be useful if some debugging is needed.