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The objects that are seen and interacted with in MaxWhere are polygon meshes and as such, they can be exported 3ds Max mesh objects. The exported mesh usually comes with its own physical mesh, although having a physical mesh is not obligatory for a mesh object in a MaxWhere 3d environment if interaction with it is not needed.

Troubleshooting mesh export

Exported meshes are not in their right place

If there are more than one meshes in the 3ds Max scene and the exported 3d environment opened in MaxWhere shows the meshes with wrong position and/or orientation, please check the pivots of the meshes and set them to the same position and orientation, preferably to scene default.

Failed mesh export

If there is a problem during the mesh exporting process, the exporter leaves a text file named failed_mesh.txt in the resources subfolder of the exported folder with the names of the objects that were not exported. If this happens, please do the following troubleshooting steps:

  • If the object that could not be exported is a mesh primitive (e.g. a Box or a Cylinder) please convert the object to Editable Mesh;
  • If the object has no material assigned, please assign a simple physical material;
  • If none of the above helped, no mesh of the scene was exported and you have a custom anti-virus software installed, try to export the scene with unchecked Clean export folder option. If the objects in question have their mesh.xml files but there are still no .mesh files for them, try to exclude the Plugins/m2mw/ogretools folder from virus checks. You can find the Plugin folder in the installation folder of 3ds Max.

If the abovementioned steps do not solve the problem, please contact us in one of our support contacts.