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Environment and reflection maps

For the scene environment and reflection maps can be specified during export (see Export options). If a custom environment map is specified, it will be used as a reflection map as well, unless a reflection map is also set.

Reflection and environment maps must be .dds files. In this version no other formats are supported.

Specifying either maps are not obligatory.

Environment maps in MaxWhere

Environment maps set the MaxWhere 3d environment background. If no envirnoment map is set, the exporter will create a defauld cloudy sky background for the exported environment.

Environment maps can be set during export, by setting the Custom environment map value in the dialog.

A simple example with a lava-like environment shown below. The reflection map is not set so the lava image shown as a faint reflection map as well.

Environment map

Creating reflections for MaxWhere

Dynamic reflections are not available in MaxWhere. If a surface needs to reflect its environment, a reflection map of that environment can be used to provide the effect.

A simple example of a zig-zag reflection map is shown below.

Reflection map

Reflection maps can only be set for the whole environment, as in defining the reflections for every reflection surface in one go. If specific reflection maps are needed for one or more objects, it can be done by assigning conviniently named materials for these objects and manually editing the corresponding exported .material files before opening the exported 3D environment in MaxWhere.

Reflection maps can be set during export, by setting the Custom reflection map value in the dialog.