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MaxWhere supports 3 types of lights: point lights, spot lights, and directional lights. All 3DS Max lights are converted to one of these types.

In MaxWhere lights will not look the same as in 3ds Max, but their positions and basic settings will be exported.

Sunpositioner lights are supported, but only partially; they will be exported as white lights (RGB 1,1,1). The strength of exported Arnold lights is inconsistent.

Light object support is a work in progress; you may need to tweak the exported lights manually to get the desired effect.

It is not advised to use more than 8 lights in a MaxWhere space. Theoretically, any number of lights can be used, but it would be too taxing for a run-of-the-mill hardware setup to handle.


Although self-shadowing works well in MaxWhere, there are no dynamic shadows in it yet. If it is necessary for the space to have objects drop shadows on other objects and the objects are stationary, the shadowing effect can be achieved by baking the shadows on the receiving surfaces in Blender before exporting it.