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Webtables are a principal feature in MaxWhere. Their contents are set outside 3ds Max, but their position and orientation can be set inside the 3ds Max scene to be exported, together with all other objects in the MaxWhere-space-to-be.

Creating and positioning a webtable

Webtable position and orientation can be defined in the 3ds Max scene by adding a simple Plane primitive to it. Based on the position, orientation, and size of the plane the exporter creates a Webtable. The active side of the webtable will be the local Z+ side of the original plane.

You can define as many webtable as you want.

Naming a webtable

For the exporter to recognize and export a webtable, the placeholder plane object has to be named according to specific rules described here.

The name of the plane-to-be-webtable object should

  • either begin with "Webtable_" and a number, e.g. Webtable_01;
  • or for backward compatibility reason have a three-part structure, beginning with "_brw_", then an arbitrary word that can consist of letters, numbers, and underscores; the last part should be an underscore followed by a number, e.g. _brw_something1_01 or_brw_other_thing_02.

The index of the webtable will be determined by the numbers after the last underscore. All webtables has to have a unique index.